My prevention promise to my Heart

Breast cancer took the life of my Aunt, leaving behind four children; it took the breast of my Grandmother who still went on and lived one of the fullest lives I know, her legacy to this day is inspiring. Breast cancer is there, when my breasts hurt or feel unusual, "Is that a bump?" and the worry begins.

I don’t know about finding a cure for cancer (one can hope) but I can make a prevention promise to myself and my two daughters that I don’t overload my life with worry. I’ve decided the below list is one of the best ways possible for me to live a very heart-filled life. 


  • Allow my heart to experience those scary feelings of vulnerability, loneliness, and even disconnection. I want to remind myself and my heart that vulnerability means being open, that being scared is an invitation to be more courageous and I’m never truly disconnected, after all my heart is within my body and a hug from my family reminds me of that instantly. I make a promise to not suppress scary emotions somewhere inside my body, and instead allow time and space to process them, and hopefully purge the fuckers out of my body.

  • I promise to enjoy life and all that if offers; I promise to enjoy great coffee and even better wine.  I won't let a piece of bacon ruin my day and I will not eat kale because its good for me, I will eat kale baked crispy with lots of olive oil, cause that’s how I like it. I also promise to eat delicious chocolate in bed, on Sunday because I want to, dammit.

  • If my husband neglects to take the garbage out, I know our marriage isn’t ruined. And if we fight (it happens sometimes) that I will continue to love him generously through it. Even better I make a promise to fight naked as it’s very hard to stay angry that way. Try it, you’ll see!

  • I promise to not berate myself when I shout at the kids or make mistakes or teach a shitty yoga class (that also happens), instead I will forgive myself, hug and kiss my kids, make a vow to teach a better class, make a cup of tea, be accountable for my mistakes, be loving towards self  and move on. 

  •  I promise to keep practicing yoga because it  keeps me sane. It helped me heal through old wounds and trauma. It gave me an understanding of the importance of life in it's entirety, through the awfulness and the wonderfulness. I'm healthy because of my committement to the practice of yoga and process of it, which has taught me life is a journey and we get to decide how to make the most of the journey.

  • I promise to whisper sweet nothings to the moon, to pause and smell roses, to walk barefoot often, to gaze at starry skies, hug and love my family alot, sit against a tree and do nothing but just breathe…I  promise to swim in the ocean and be a mermaid, to be so quiet so I can tune into the beat of my breast and the tune of my heart, to listen…..

  • I promise to nourish my heart which sits between both breasts with my words and through my actions. I will not hide behind fear and instead will courageously put myself out into the world, as a Mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, yoga teacher, designer, explorer, adventurer, priestess, revolutionary. The way I know I hurt my heart the most is by not believing in myself and my abilities.  Also when I doubt the heart's  power to love, heal and forgive. Its time to move on, let that doubt go and step into absolute fullness of the Heart. Go on, get mushy with love, get cheesey with love and smile that radiant love out from within.  


What's your prevention project? The only way we can support one another is by becoming more clear how we can live more engaged lives. 

Daub and Design is offering a portion off their amazing pants for breast cancer awareness. Check it out, it's one small way to give back. 

Give it a think, let me know or share with a friend. It will make you feel better, I promise. 

And to inspire you, here is a photo of a project my daughter's did at school. She knows what's up.

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