An iPhone, Instagram and an Introvert

One of my yoga students and friend is an Instagram celebrity, with over 82k followers. His feed is worth a follow with beautifully sculpted photos of his adventures from Paris to Saskatoon; he captures such silence and potent beauty in each of his images.


‘One young Boy’ was featured in the CBC news recently; what struck a cord with me was his reasoning for sharing his journey via Instagram. 

"I think that's the most important thing: the engagement with the community.” Matthew A. Grella


As a bonafide hermit and self-diagnosed introvert, I am quite happy alone and in the company of myself. This however, does come with a serious down side, one can feel incredibly isolated when not conversing with friends or family in some form of another.

With the move to the UK, I was looking forward to engaging with my online family and friends via Instagram sharing the academia history and Gothic architecture that makes up Cambridge.  My iPhone broke a week before I left Canada and two and a half months later, I'm still without an iPhone.  

Instead of pausing to admire beauty and take a photo, I find myself starting long conversations about nothing with my grocery store clerks, sharing odd tidbits of my life, like finding the perfect shade of yellow in a vintage jug at Oxfam. Desperation I felt after that particular incident and immediately texted one of my friends in Canada to assure myself I wasn't losing the plot.  And lest I forget to mention that in one of my feeling rather isolated moments, we are now the owners of two kittens, Phoenix and Pepper.

With not teaching yoga at the moment instead I listen to BBC's Cambridgeshire Paul Stainton and his side-kick Ben as they provide hours of entertainment, insight and most importantly, laughter. I've even tweeted the show and being re-tweeted by Paul has made the this new feeling of disconnection go away slightly. It has given me that engagement with the community that I have been missing. 

I realized something pretty profound with not having access to an iPhone/camera, it revealed something I hadn't considered.

This is the medium in which those of us that have introvert tendencies engage with the broader world.  Instagram or twitter keeps us dialled in while we are off working on our creative and often solo arts.

Happily alone, writing and drinking tea

Happily alone, writing and drinking tea

It our safe way to engage with the world around us, while we stay content within the space of ourselves. 

You can visit me in Cambridge, just not today. 

You can visit me in Cambridge, just not today. 


Instagram was my medium, it provided that place for me to share the world as I see it and combine that with some insightful phrase or smart alec remark. 

I promise to be more active online soon, but until then, please follow the fabulous;

One Young Boy

and of course, my own instagram account.  I promise the pictures will improve soon.

Someone want to help me get a new iPhone???

Urban Priestess

Life is for continued engagement with the world around us, in whatever form or medium that works best for us. I encourage my fellow introverts to keep on your path and share those hidden talents with the world, we need you to. 

with love always,