It's YO-Go Wednesday. Yoga for those on the Go.

Recently I have been tuning every morning to BBC Radio Cambridgeshire's Paul Stainton and the Big Conversation. I promised to send a yoga pose for Ben (side-kick and producer) a challenge to teach Paul this pose everyday, until next week's pose. Ben, you have to the pose as well otherwise it's just not as much fun.

Here we go!

Stressed out? Need to get grounded?

Try this simple yoga pose that gets you grounded fast while calming the nervous system, increase balance and focuses the mind. 

Stand with feet parallel and slightly apart and take a deep breath. Root down towards your feet and continue with your breath. Focus on making the left leg strong and begin to lift up the right foot placing it on the inside of the left leg. 


Your foot can also stay close to the ground, towards the ankle or just below the knee joint. This is a great option when one has drank too much coffee.

Remember the above : AVOID THE KNEE JOINT!

Then bring your hands toward your chest. Choice your appropriate hand gesture depending on what superpowers you need to invoke for the day. Now stretch your arms up to the sky. Breathe easily for a few moments, then release and repeat on the other side. 


Now if I would to have someone, perhaps someone named Ben to teach this pose for me;  I would encourage them to be a little creative when teaching it to someone else such as;

"Standing fully in your body, ground down like the roots of the tree and feel the immense strength in your legs. Once you feel stable, begin to lengthen your spine upwards.  From the bottom of your heart, begin to extend your arms to the sky and feel the one ness with the world around you. Breathe in and out, and then slowly release."

Too much?

Agreed, just do the pose, breathe and simply enjoy the benefits.

This pose can be done anywhere, such as someone else's dock at your lake

tequila may have been used in the making of this photo

tequila may have been used in the making of this photo

Or on an actual tree, this is always fun.

Some yoga is better then no yoga. You can't do it wrong, just ensure you avoid the knee joint and keep practicing. Enjoy getting more balanced and grounded everyday.

Let me know how it goes below!