The Warrior

Yoga is highly addictive and I'm thrilled that some of the people in the offices of BBC Cambridgeshire, specifically the Big Conversation with Paul Stainton are jumping on the yoga band-wagon. 

I hadn't planned on unleashing this pose until next week but with the rampant enthusiasm for our yoga sessions, here's the second.

Virabhadrasana 2                    known as Warrior 2

This pose builds strength in the legs, while creating more space in the hips. It opens the front part of the body, ideal for whose that work at computers. It builds up postural muscles that support the back. It is a great pose for anyone who decides running in the London marathon is a good idea; I shall be cheering those on from the sidelines with tea and cookies (oh right, sorry, biscuits) as I like to keep my knees and hamstrings in some assemble of working order. 

Most importantly, this pose offers the opportunity to embody the qualities of a warrior; kind yet firm, calm and focused, aware and committed, strong and disciplined. I can't think of a better pose for the lads of The Big Conversation to sink their teeth into. 

I am a big fan of tie-dye leggings but jeans can work. For space all you need is to extend your arms out evenly from your shoulders. Please be careful you don't 'accidentally' slap someone when you extend your arms, that is not good yoga behaviour. 

Taking a wide stance, stretch your arms out evenly from your shoulders, like a star position.

Align your ankles under your wrists, then turn your left foot forward, keep the back foot parallel.

Bend into your front left leg, breathe deeply and stretch up through the crown of your head.

Stay in the pose for only a few moments (not 5 minutes!!) then release arms. Change legs and repeat.

Congratulations! You are on your way to becoming a warrior of the heart or the very least, someone who does yoga.

In order to become a real yogi, you must take a picture and put it out on social media. Everyone knows you aren't a real yogi until this happens.  I expect to see something on Facebook and Instagram of the efforts and please ensure to tag me so I can see it! 

The Disclaimer: I'm a professional yoga instructor with almost 20 years in the business and 15 years teaching.  I am a yoga teacher trainer, which means I get to teach people who want to become yoga teachers. No one needs to worry, we won't be standing on our heads....yet. Yoga can be safer then sky diving (with the right teacher of course) and as thrilling, I can't wait for the handstand lesson. I take the practice very seriously but I don't take myself so seriously, obviously.

Next weeks pose?

Next weeks pose?


Most importantly, breathe and have fun. Remember its always better to move your body a little bit then none at all. Happy Yogi-ing!