A little ritual, some mystery and a whole lotta of intention.

The lead up to October 31st is one of my favourite times of year. I love walking through the deep woods with my contemplations and silence as my companions;  each step offers an opportunity to delve into my hopes, dreams and goals for the next turning of the wheel.  Samhain, which falls on October 31st is considered the end of a cycle with November 1st celebrated as the start of the new year.

It is a perfect time to reflect over the past year and acknowledge our accomplishments, our failures, where we want to improve and start thinking about what we want to work for the next cycle. 

Samhain orginates from Celtic Ireland and carries the idea of casting out the old and moving into the new. Farmers would clear the land, leaving an empty landscape, livestock would be organized and preparation for long winters would be put into place. 

Nature would then work her magic within the soil, nurturing the seeds and waiting until she can bloom again, around Beltane (MayDay).  In many ways, we are also given this opportunity. We can take these ideas and/or dreams and plant them into the mystery of the dark night of October 31st.  


On october 31st I conjure three words that have been floating on my periphery, that want me to heed of them and draw them into a deeper existence in my daily world. I light a candle and write the words on a piece of paper, offer prayers for continued health and happiness, to my family and loved ones and for all that inhabit beautiful Mother Earth.  I then burn the paper down to ash. 

I take a plant ready that is ready for re-potting and with the ash I re-pot the plant and set my intentions into that dark soil, into the mystery of the unknown. 

I have no idea what the future beholds, but I do know that I want to create course with it. 

What is it that you dream of? What words or sayings reveal themselves to you?

What do you yearn for? What do you want in your hearts of hearts?

Pay attention. Write it down. Get intimate with your desires and use this simple ritual to kick start creating your dreams into a deeper reality on October 31st. 

Plant those seeds/words of intention into the dark night (like the soil) and care for it over the next few months. Water it with your love, tend to it with your attention and watch how the magic unfolds before you. I promise it will be magical.

Enjoy the journey.  Happy Samhain!