The Maiden

The maiden; she is pure in heart and often found dancing in the sunlight (or the rain) for the simple delight and experience.

She inspires the continued dance of the Universe and her joy is limitless; she is memorizing with her playfulness and unabashed with her curiosity to discover more.

Pure. Joyful. Creative. Playful.

We need to treasure the maiden and her journey as she is a gift from the Universe; she reminds us that beauty exists in all her unique forms. 

How do we protect the the self-expression of the maiden along the way?

We must honour her choices to explore herself and the world around her in her own way. This is how we cultivate freedom which our maidens need in order to grow and thrive as they will be our Mothers, our leaders, our places of comfort, the ones we turn to for advice one day. 

Watch her twirl, be silly, cry, laugh and love fearlessly from her heart and treasure each amazing moment.