What makes you feel so wildly in love?

What are your passions? Your loves? How deeply connected to them are you?

What part of you suppresses the highest forms of love?

We all do it.

Each. One. Of. Us.

So take a wander in your life, seek out what makes you thrive and jive, flow and go.

Let yourself love and love up every aspect of you, every particle of your being and every moment in your life.


The good. The bad. The juicy. The burnt. 

These words from this amazing woman, Alicia Read.

"The most important thing is love on this planet. Nothing else. 
We have everything inside of ourselves to love boundlessly, without end, every single molecule of the entire planet over and over again. 
There is no limit to how much we love and can love - love saves everything, solves everything, is everything.
The only excuse we have of not loving is ourselves, and there isn't a moment left to lose to not love. Please love, yourself, your other, another - gently, fiercely, truly. 
Please please please because I love you I love you I love you and our time on this planet is so, so swift.”


 Hell to the YES.     Get out there and don't just fall in love.    BE LOVE.

You are worthy.  You are here engaged with life, with the beauty of nature, with the space between you and another. You are intertwined with your body, your mind and your spirit-heart. Every oracle is a vessel waiting to receive. 

Yes, it’s that simple. 

Close your eyes, expand your breath and feel….

See…that goodness starting to bubble up in your body, that’s it.

Now, DO IT  everyday.  Expand the breath, move your body, up-level your potential and LOVE.

Don’t suppress, express. 

Cause as Alicia Love Read says ‘our time on this planet is so, so swift.’


From my wild heart to yours...