Igniting the creative seeds with Imbolc

The end of January and beginning of February is known as Imbolc. Imbolc is a high holy day. This is an auspicious time to build a meditation spot in your house or re-fresh your alter/meditation corner for the long awaited and not quite here yet, Spring.

The seeds are starting to ingite. 

Imbolc, which arrives half way between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox is an uplifting reminder that spring is indeed arriving.  Imbolc is the beautiful pause over the harsh and long winter months where we can feel removed from our dreams. Imbolc is a reminder that while it's not quite time for shorts and sangria, it is time to connect back to the seeds of intention we planted in preparation for Spring's arrival. 

In Gaelic, Imbolc means ‘in the belly’ as Ewes start to give birth around this time of year. Snow drops peek their delicate heads through the cold of the ground and the light begins to lengthen. Perhaps you have noticed the desire to start cleaning house, de-clutter or experiencing increased motivation to get stuff done? This is Imbolc showing as your internal clock syncing up with the intelligence of nature.  

Light is the great priestess of the land. John O'Donohue

Imbolc, associated with Brighid the Celtic Goddess/Saint of poetry & literature, healing, and smith-craft. She is the midwife of our dreams, she births our creative ideas to light. She is a reminder to utilize our tools by creating with our hands, to move our bodies and to keep expanding our thoughts. She instills a strong sense of community, the gathering together we need as humans to evolve and grow together. It is the strength of Brighid's energy that compels action, much like the recent women's marches. She goes against the grain to fight for the rise of the Divine Feminine.  

Brighid from Parish of St. Brigid, Ireland

Brighid from Parish of St. Brigid, Ireland

Are you a writer? Yoga teacher? Health Coach? Artist? Stay at home Mom who needs some beauty & inspiration?

Imbolc is a creative energy to plug into as the seeds deep in the earth start their evolution process.  The rising sun connects to those seeds planted  in the earth. This applies to your intention seeds or affirmations which are now in a greater position for activation of this potent shift. By setting up a particular spot in your house,  you give these energies a place to anchor  which will further bring your intentions to light. 

This can help you connect back to your purpose. Winter can be taxing on our energy and motivation, think of Imbolc as the kindling of a fire, or the quickening of a baby in the womb, it is the initial cultivation of action within and without. 


Any small space will do; anywhere from a kitchen counter or the top of a book-shelf to a designated puja spot. Make sure it's clean and dust free. Best to clear the energetic space with some palo santo or sage before you begin.  

For the base I use a wine box that I cover with fabric that represents the colors of the time of year coming.  Be creative! Draw from nature or find some vintage fabrics.  Here are some suggestions;

  • Colors that remind you of the early days of budding,  such as pale pink, white, soft red, yellow and light green.
  • One or two of your favourite objects that hold special meaning for you; kids baby photos are great because they remind us of the newness of life.
  •  Intention or affirmations written down. 
  • crystals such as clear quartz, moonstone, rose quartz, flourite, amethyst, turquoise, celestite 
  • a white candle 
  • A Brighid's cross 
  • Any of the following; white flowers,  seeds (for new life),  a statue or picture of a maiden, children or youth.
  • Goddesses such as Brighid, Lakshmi, Mary holding Jesus, any statue that invokes the feeling of new life. 

Included are a clear quartz Ganesha and amethyst egg, both which represent new beginnings. 

Once it's completed, take a few moments to observe. Does the energy work? Is there a flow? Is it appealing to the eye? It has to feel right for you. Feel free to move the pieces around till you find the right place for your sacred objects.

Light the candle, connect to your breath and settle into the quiet. This is a time of percolation. Those precious ideas and intention are now taking hold within, the return of the light brings the spark needed to fuel up and ignite the creative engines of our bodies, hearts and mind.

Take a few moments to sit quietly and offer your gratitude all those containers that help you to grow (family, parents, shit situations you endured, whatever has helped you to evolve) and then offer deep gratitude for being able to feel, love, laugh and generally just participate in life. Remind yourself of your purpose that brings value to the world.

Pause each day to enjoy what you've created and to remind yourself of what you want to create. This is a motivational period in which to get clear. 

Let it be beautiful, most importantly, enjoy what you are creating. 

As always, with deepest gratitude to the Awakening Avalon lineage and my sister on the Path Holly, who has helped me find clearer ways to share these beautiful practices and teachings. www.awakeningavalon.com