Fuck Resolutions.

Resolutions are like that token eggnog drink you just have to have, cause it's a Christmas tradition. It's good, but not good enough to stay with for the next 3 weeks of celebrations. Resolutions are like that, great for the first week then a trying day happens and we step back into some comfort zones. Anyone ready for wine yet?

I'm much more of an intention setter and do-er. One way I stay on the path of my goals and intentions has been creating a corner by my bed where I showcase motivation messages.

I call it my 'pop up sacred sleep stop'. 

Everyone should have a place beside the bed where you can set up your pop up stop. A little corner with some visual reminders of what your intentions are. 

This is my current one. I  believe impacting my waking life with a positive message to start the day and an evening message that will sink into my psyche as I drift into the dreaming world.

What I see every morning and night.

What I see every morning and night.

The bow + arrow is a reminder to shoot forward and aim towards my deepest desires while being both flexible( the bow that stretches) and strong( the arrow) that flies true.

My priestess mala is dedicated to Inanna who makes a descent to the Underworld and on each of the 7 steps, she discards a layer of clothing. This is about dissolving the layers of bullshit thinking I create about myself( not a good enough writer, not smart enough etc) and move from the place of deep sovereignty  that I am, in fact a good writer with something to offer and share with the world.

The heart rock is from Loon Lake, Saskatchewan, a special place that I love dearly.  On a walk with one of my dear friends discussing of course, love, she found this rock.  Sarah always finds little treasures from Gaia and this heart rock is a reminder that love truly comes in all forms.  I also remember celebrating with mimosas after. This little rock always makes me smile from the memories it holds.

My intention this year is to create a book on yoga. I am in need of some real fucking bravery as I put together years of studies into an assemblence of an idea/book that hopefully you one day, will read, love and treasure. 

I also want to be smarter, no correction, BRILLIANT with how I offer my gifts. Now that I live in Cambridge, a place of academia excellence, I'm hoping it inspires me to create a word-craft that is worthy of being printed. I struggled for years with my writing because of an english teacher who diminished my skills in class and have been playing recovery ever since. Brilliance for me, isn't winning the Nobel peace prize although that is amazing, rather it's the ability to share your unique gifts into the world in a way that other people feel and understand. That is brilliance. 

I also love Kal Barteski script.  The script takes on an organic energy,  it has a touch of bohemian magic in it and is pure artistry. It is a reminder to simply just 'be in the flow'.

There are no set rules when you set up your pop up sacred sleep spot. Find meaningful objects and bring them closer to your periphery so they become the last thing you gaze upon before you turn out the light. Let them infuse your dreams with your intention.  Then take that arrow, pull back with some bravery and brilliance and fly that much closer to your heart's desire. 

Let me know how it goes and please share if you know someone who might benefit from ditching the resolutions and instead making some connection with intentions. 

with love xx