Badassery has potential to change the world

To the woman today, who opened her 'boot' or trunk of her car and caught her young child in the face which caused the young girl to cry and bleed; I watched you shame her, saying it was her fault and 'that'll teach ya'. I'm sure you are over-wrought with stress like the rest of us but in future I wish you would remember that she is young and you, well aren't. I'm sure a hug would have soothed her rather then letting her cry while you lite the cigarette. If I can offer this, it is NOT OKAY TO BLAME HER FOR YOUR PROBLEMS  AND IT IS NEVER OKAY TO SHAME HER.

To the man today, in traffic who pulled out his shotgun out of the van and 'pretended' to shoot his mate behind in the vehicle while they laughed hysterically. I was directly across from him( driver to driver); let me share that some of us don't think that behaviour is funny, ever. Aside from the fact the shotgun being pulled out in the middle of the afternoon with people all around but that it was passed back to the young boy in the passenger side had me shaking my head in dis-belief.  I certainly did not find it amusing, nor did the lady crossing the road and I don't care if it wasn't loaded. THAT IS NEVER OKAY. 

In a world seemingly gone mad 'Oh Orlando' we need to be extra vigilant where we put our attention. It is not about you, mate and it's not about me either. The web of connection is far greater then what our limited brains understand;  we need to get a little more bad-ass in what we choose as acceptable behaviour while attempting to  bear witness to the connection that is between us. We need to get our minds around healing and not hurting. We need to understand the concept that we are all one, yet respecting what tolerance is actually about. We do not have to agree or like what each other days, but we have to respect each person's direction in life.  Forcing anyone anytime, well, THAT IS ALSO NOT OKAY. 

It is the call for badasseries to arise.  As women, we need to re-think the legacy we leave our daughters by the actions we take today. As men, we need to re-think the message being passed along;  pretending to shoot a friend in traffic with what I hope was an unloaded shot-gun is not the type of message that should be transferred down to our sons.  Now more then ever, the time for us is to rise up, to hold hands with another and stop with the name-calling, the criticisms, the judgements and jealousies that are enabling us from seeing exactly what we are capable of.  

We are born with a heart, a mind and an able body. We have the capacity to be overwhelming awesome in what we give; generous, kind + gentle , compassionate + empathetic,  supportive + strong. We can be what the human heart is about, love.  Choosing to walk the path of a badassery, is to show up in the world in your unique way; in the way that creates positive change and action and demands results that unifies the human heart again.

So walk your path and know badassery is choosing to living in right relationship with yourselves and expand that to your families, communities and Gaia herself. This requires an excavation into your moral code which may be different than what has been passed down in your church, school, or house-hold. We need to know what our values are, those values that cause us to stand up straight with one another and feel that internal resilence that runs deep into our core when the odds are against us. These core lines keep us connected and engaged when we move through the world that seems a little less friendly and welcoming these days.  

Baddassery is not hiding behind 'love + light' on the yoga mat, but standing on the street with 'fear + dark' too and still showing up day after day after day because in your heart, you know good is still here.  A badassery is knowing you are a vessel for that goodness and using courage, not fear to stand tall, take the shit that is seemingly unfair over and over and rising above it.


It's grow up time, there is no more time to waste. Let us be the generation that dances and cares, protects and shares, gives and receives and knows the love is stronger then ever. As Barack Obama said with Jimmy Fallon, 'Love is Love'.

That my friends, is totally badassery