How far does back does your passion go?

My love for horses started when my Father dated a woman, named Teddy who owned and bred Quarter Horses. She taught me how to ride and instilled a love of all things equine that has spanned decades. While our relationship has gone the distance, hers and my Dad's ended fairly soon (he's soooo not a cowboy). 

A school friend sent me a letter that I had written to her in 1985 (do the math).  I can't thank her enough for reminding me how long my passion for horses has been.


This letter was a huge  reminder me how much I love writing and communicating with people.  My other love, aside from my family, is YOGA, a relationship running up to 2 decades of practice and studies. So basically a friggin PHD in the yoga realm. 

It is this passion for both communicating + writing that sparked the 30day dip into Yoga life. 

While I have an intense love affair with horses, my dharma in life, aside from my family is to share the teaching of yoga in a modern and relatable way.  I love offering what I have discovered and sharing it with others to use.

The 30 day dip is one way of offering bite-sized pieces of information to digest using social media. How fun!  This dips are great to use for themes in yoga classes or insights to uplift your day.  With almost 20 years of study, I can guarantee the best of the best will be offered up for you to investigate and explore. 

Decades of love for  horses + yoga combined in one!

Decades of love for  horses + yoga combined in one!

So whether you are a teacher or a dedicated student of yoga, please join us. It will be insightful, different and will engage you with your practice in a new way. We lift off July 1st! Can't wait to see you!