Using Mercury Retrograde to your advantage

If you follow astrology at all, then you will been fore-warned about Mercury Retrograde. This period when the planet Mercury whizzes by the earth, as its closest to the sun, but from our position, it appears to be spinning slowly back-wards thus,  retrograde!

The planet Mercury governs communication, travel and electronics. During these retrograde periods, one can expect all sorts of issues to arise.  Typically debit card transitions at the grocery store take twice,  my iphone/ipad screens often go blank, flights are often delayed and speaking with ease is trying. 

Mercury can be a trickster.

Mercury can be a trickster.


These retrograde periods are to be taken advantage of. They are golden opportunities

to catch the fuck back up with yourself and life.  

With information spinning faster then the actually earth turning, it's hard to feel caught up. We feel overwhelmed and over-extended. How many times has your email been asked for these days? How many times have you changed your password because you've forgotten it? How many passwords do you have?   

Making mercury retrograde work for you is to take stock of where you are putting your energy.  And to ask yourself is it supporting you?

Here are a few of my tips to help you own a retrograde period like a boss. 

1. De-clutter.  Your fridge  and specifically your cupboards. De-crumb + de-cheerio the joint. Personally, I dyson the shit out of the place.  Take stock of those pickles in your fridge; when was the last time you actually ate them?  Anything old, neglected and funky, chuck it out. Those little pieces of broccoli hanging around in the fridge drive me crazy and no, I'm not OCD.

By paying attention to the containers that hold the food we eat and the food itself, we clear the way for more health and vitality to come in. Give it a non-toxic wipe, ditch the out-dated food out and breathe deep in freshness. Then stock up on great local produce from your market and binge eat on zucchini or carrots or whatever floats your boat. 

2. Finances. Are you aware of how many direct debits you have going on? Where is your money and I repeat, YOUR money going to?  


When I started to check into this, I realised we were paying for a VIP pet service for an animal we don't have anymore. Check into do-daddy, itunes, cellphones, credit cards, gym memberships, magazine subscriptions, everything and anything and cancel/stop/ limited your resources. *don't sign up for anything new until you sort this out. Retrograde periods are for reflection so take the time to figure out exactly what is going where and why.  Put your money back in your pocket, where it belongs. This is an empowerment exercise and trust me, it works.

3. Your inbox. Facebook, gmail, outlook, if have an email or message system, then you need to address it + clean it up. -same applies with APPS.

I'm not sure why we feel the need to keep every message but once you start to look into this, you will be amazed at the junk you are hanging onto. If you need to keep messages,  save them to a program like Evernote with title, year and date.  We are so full up with digital weight, we don't realize how much it brings us down until we actually start to delete. Deletion is fun.  A letter regarding a business deal or transaction is definitely a keeper, but past party events or a group text about attending a yoga class, no. Kick it to the curb.

4. Stuff. Magazines, old books, mis-matching socks, catalogues with shit you are never going to buy. I rock out to vintage 70's( Bob Seger anyone?) and attend business. Be strong and move it on.  There is nothing more liberating then recycling magazines from 2 years ago, giving away books and throwing out socks that don't match and are frankly, old and gross. 


Use any retrograde period to tune in back to your life. More input and less output. Take stock. Pay attention. Review with consideration, then reflect a little deeper.

Take stock. Review. Reflect. Go on, you know you want to. 

Take stock. Review. Reflect. Go on, you know you want to. 


Ask yourself.

Do I really want that? Do I really need that? Is it supporting my  life's vision, family, goals?  . 

Get clear, slow down, make space for you to thrive and watch the magic start to unfold in your life. Know the retrograde period will lift. It always does.