It's Introvert Season baby!

I'll be honest here. 

I don't like pumpkin spice.  I don't look forward to Starbucks rolling out of the pumpkin spice cups, oh wait, that's the christmas cups. I don't look forward to those in October either.

 I do love Autumn. Actually I only really like the September transition from August when the days are still warm and there is a beautiful glow off the trees. Once the leaves fall off and it turns cold that's it. I want to move south.

I panic. I get dry. I hibernate. I up my wine subscription.

Winter is the season of Vata.

Dry. Airy. The season of flu havoc for many. Did I mention dry?

A few years back I'm pretty sure I got SADS. Now, I make sure to supplement with vitamin D and a trip south. 

I digress.

While I don't like pumpkin spice except in pie I do like pumpkins. I love their color and roundness. I love roasting them. I like attempting to hack through them with my dull knives.  I like the mess they make + I hate the cleaning up of the mess. I love that the arrival of pumpkins means sweaters and layers and fleece. 

When the pumpkins come out, its like this weird permission to start wearing leg-warmers again. 

When the pumpkins come out, the scarf accessory takes her place up front, center and visible. She owns the neck and ain't afraid to flaunt it.

When the pumpkins come out, the introverts go HELL YA! It's blanket and book season baby!

Those fellow introverts know what I'm taking about; we light the fire, lock the door, bring out the books, wear our favourite socks, drink tea like a thirsty pirate drinks rum, we contemplate life and write down words as if we we are writing the next big novel (which we typically are) we plan our next net-flix series, research soups + popcorn recipes and basically feel safe as a motherfucker knowing  we

                                        DO NOT HAVE TO LEAVE THE HOUSE for the next 6 months! 


Winter has her own draw-backs. Remember that word dry? Cold, brittle, depression, re-cycled air and the feeling of 'will it ever end?' There is a reason for winter. Nature is not stupid. She wants us to slow down, she needs us to slow the fuck back down.

It's the season of the Hearth. Coming inside, drawing inwards. 

It is the season of opportunity to re-set and recharge those valuable batteries called your adrenals + nervous system. Like a cauldron, we go on the low simmer, we can still plan to take over the world (you Pitta type A types) but just at a slower more collected pace right now. 

Over the year, with help from Ayurveda wisdom, Earth based practices, Priestess studies and yoga I've managed this transition with some assemblence of grace and ease. I don't get sick or depressed anymore. I dive deep into philosophical studies. I get spiritual. I listen to my tawny owl twit twoo at night and dream deep.

I want to help you navigate that transition.

I want you to feel strong to take all that winter throws at you and throw some snowballs back.  I want to share some amazing rituals + contemplations that I work with during this time-frame. I want to offer recipes that are easy to make, good for you and full of vitality.  I will share Priestess insights, the deep soul work we many of us craze that we can't find out of a book. 

So join us on the transition into the Hearth. Sign up here.

And just for you, because it tastes so damn good I'm sharing my recipe of  delicious pumpkin soup for free. Easy + healthy + yum.

No pumpkin spice here and oh so delicious!   

No pumpkin spice here and oh so delicious!