Ode To Ganesha + New Beginnings

Today begins the Hindu festival Ganesha Chaturthi dedicated to the lovable elephant headed god who rocks a fat tummy and loves sweets. He is the one to call upon when your life feels like one constant construction site with no end in sight, much like driving in Saskatchewan during the summer months.  

Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and assists you with moving forward so you can handle your business like a boss lady. Ganesha also represents new beginnings and clear insight with a real sweetness for life. He is your boy next door that will both protect you and make you laugh.

boy next door Ganesha

boy next door Ganesha

We are also currently in Mercury Retrograde in Virgo till October 9th. The planet Mercury governs communication, travel, and electronics. During a retrograde period expect delays when on the road,  electronics that never seems to work( I can't tell you how many issues I had writing this blog!) and expressing yourself clearly is non-existent. We need to look to these retrograde periods as beneficial to our sanity + growth as they remind us to slow the fuck down, review the direction headed and make sure there is accuracy in heart, mind and intent.

Mercury, the messenger

Mercury, the messenger


The double whammy of Ganesha Chaturthi + Mercury Retrograde of 2016 are to support you in figuring your shit out as we approach the next turn of the wheel. Think discovering clarity through intense review. Think operating at a new level of awareness and executing at a higher vibration in all that you do.

This festival would ask us to make a clay Ganesha for the duration of the week, then release the Ganesha to the ocean to dissolve. Since I don't have clay handy, does anyone? I use my collections of Ganesha's I've collected over the years. 

For your intention.

  • Dust your Ganesha off.
  • Clear the air with Palo Santo or Doterra peace blend.
  • Use a mala to chant the mantra, we like the Moon Magic mala.
  •  Take a few months to settle into your breath and feel into your body, mind and heart.
  • Offer your gratitude for the cosmic show we call life, for both the light + dark, your blessings and lessons and invoke Ganesha to remove any obstacles from seeing clarity in vision. 

Ask yourself what exactly do I want?   

Then continue to breathe, or start writing, or dance, or whatever is honest and rising up for you. 

Many people dread Mercury retrograde because it feels like running into a brick wall. I've learned to experience it as an opportunity to de-clutter the mind of old thoughts and patterns that are out-dated and not working.

This is the time to step back, sit down and a have the cup of 'what the fuck'  as you begin to move with a new level of mastery in your life. Expand your energy into being with yourself and what you truly want, offer gratitude to those that help you, and like Ganesha, remember life is to be sweet.   

Use the time wisely.

                         Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

I bow to the great Ganesha, remover of obstacles. Bless me with your continued sweetness in life and that I may see the great Truth within. 

"You're the ancient tone, known as Om, 
Vibrating and illuminating all my bones. 
The enlightened One, who’s tons of fun, 
Ganapati rocks the party when he plays the drum. 
Master of Mridangam, and the tabla, 
When you're blessed by Ganesh then nothin' can stop ya. 
I trust that you can bust with just one tusk
through every obstacle, until they’re crushed. 
From dawn to dusk and from dusk till dawn, 
Removing all obstacles — 'till they're gone!"  ~ MC Yogi