A Sweet Ritual

It's quite apparent now, the change in the air from warm sunny evenings to those darker cool brisk mornings. The colours of our nails change from bright coral to wine burgundy reds,  favourite scarfs make a much-wanted return and we turn to cozier fabrics welcoming the layers. 


It’s instinctual. This desire to turn inwards, to cosy up and layer.

It's Nature's way of calling us back in. 

This is the season of quiet contemplation where we are given an opportunity to hit re-set after the warm abundant days of summer.  It's the time to enjoy long conversations with loved ones over wine and delicious stews. 

This is the time to enjoy the simple act of engagement with each other. 

Our world today is moving fast, many times faster than we can keep up. I love this time of year as I  make a direct effort to chill. the. fuck. out.

Samhain is the next Celtic festival on approach. It signals the end of harvest, the end of the year and the move into the dark winter months. We come inwards to the Hearth of the Home. 

It is also known as All Hallow's Eve and celebrated as Halloween. During this time frame, our ancestors knew that the veil between the material and the spiritual world were thin; this was a time to receive messages from departed loved ones.  They would leave a candle on the stoop with some food out in remembrance, appreciation and for continued goodwill as the turn into the cold winter months was ahead.

Between October 30-November 2nd, it's important to make time for you.

Get crafty and spend time with your heart and hands on a new art project. Conjure up some exciting new goals and adventures to look forward to by journaling. Make nourishing soups that insulate your nervous system, build your immune and ease your belly's digestive process.

Spend time with soft glows and sweet intentions...

Spend time with soft glows and sweet intentions...

One of my favorite rituals is to light a candle, sit quietly and offer my gratitude to my ancestors and spiritual guides for all that I have. I simply breathe and be for a few moments.

Simply Breathe and Be

Allow your thoughts to roam. Gently review your year, the achievements, the mishaps, the gorgeousness messiness of it all.   Acknowledge all that is. Ask for continuous guidance. 

Keep an open heart and mind for any words or pictures that may arrive; these are signs to guide you into the next year. Write them down. 

Continue with the gentle breath until you feel complete. Thank Gaia, your guides, your loved ones for all that you have and all that will be coming your way. Send blessings to those that need healing and ask for continued love and support. 

Finish the ritual with some nice chocolate and a small glass of wine. Savour and enjoy!

Happy Samhain!