The Full Moon as Medicine

We don't think of the full moon as medicine; we know it as a time when people generally go batshit crazy. 

The full moon in her glory is to reveal.

Many of us experience the full moon with emotions of anxiety, irritability, and aggravation, to name a few. We don't sleep.  We are quick to react.  We feel something....but not sure what....

Through the moon's bright glow, she has the power to illuminate the dark, through the hidden shadows, through those fucking brick walls we put up around our tender spots.  She finds a way to the places we don't want other's to see, and those places we rarely want to visit ourselves. 

Every. full. moon. is an opportunity.

time to illuminate...

time to illuminate...


We can use the radiance of the moon to slowly, lovingly and with kindness start to tread into the hidden parts of our hearts and actually deal with some of the *shitty shit that lurks there. *none of it is actually shit. It's all just emotional compost making way for our continued growth. 

This is how the full moon helps us if we allow her. She becomes a healing balm with a sliver of her light, enabling us to love all the hidden parts of ourselves. We can begin to heal the trauma of those sometimes cringe-worthy bad decisions and see we are not our mistakes, rather we are like the moon: full, expansive and radiant.   

It's learning to trust Nature. 

During a full moon phase, it's important to self-care. It's important to say no when you need it, take rest when you require it and soften your footsteps for yourself.  

  • Avoid highly stimulating areas, like shopping malls.  
  • Spend quiet time in nature, going for walks, spending time with fur friends. 
  • Get cozy, nestle in, go to bed earlier and just rest. Wrap up and hibernate. 
  • Journal, let it flow baby. 
  • Take a bath, light candles or open your window and have a full moon bath, use Epson salts and grounding oils. 
  • Eat nourishing foods, warm bowls of goodness are great. 
  • Drink water, stay hydrated and decrease fizzy drinks and excess coffee.


Allow whatever arises, to in the flow and let the full moon be medicine to the soul.  Remember, it will pass soon.