Double Trouble of astrological fun.

It's here. Mercury Retrograde drops December 3rd combined with Full Moon in Gemini. 

Double whammy of fun and an awesome way to finish off the year. Can you read my sarcasm?

Full moon in Gemini.

Full moon in Gemini.

This time of year is exhausting enough already. Life is busy enough without this hurried pulsation as an undercurrent that does. not. stop. 

Added to the Christmas holidays aka stress, we move into the final Mercury Retrograde of the year. 

So how do we deal with the shit show of astrological insights that is upon us, other than running for the hills?

I did consider moving into this hut at Glastonbury for the next three weeks and hibernating my cares away. 

I did consider moving into this hut at Glastonbury for the next three weeks and hibernating my cares away. 

Getting through Mercury Retrograde with some semblance of grace begins with understanding what it means and working it to your advantage.  This will save your sanity, check it out here

Now to the full moon in Gemini...

The full moon is about illuminating. She reveals what is hidden. It is a chance to bring to light what has been in the shadow and now in Gemini, the twins we get to experience everything in double, such as duality, light and dark, masculine and feminine and all polarities.  Oh man, it's gonna be juicy.

This means communication will be coming from many different realities which can be overwhelming in an already overwhelming season. Bah humbug. 

How to deal. 

Be Compassionate. Be Kind. Be Patient. 

Always, hold to being more compassionate with others. Be the one they can find solace in. Keep your actions kind. Be gentle with those when they are close to or already losing their shit. The Full Moon can make people feel cagey.  So many people I know, self-included, are going through the worst of times.  When someone is kind and patient with me I soften. My shoulders relax and I breathe deeper.  Let's remember to do this for each other. 

People may be struggling with articulating feelings, thoughts, emotions, ideas, you name it, it's going to get messy out there. Communication is going to be a challenge, so hold yourself to the highest and remember we are all just trying to figure this thing called life out. 

Attempt less time on the screen, more time reading actual books. Smile often.  Listen attentively to others and lend a helping hand. 

Keep breathing and focusing on your own exhale. Long. Slow. Deep. 

We are a nation starved for companionship and intimacy. Take time to gather with your beloved or bestie for a cup of tea or a lovely red wine (I suggest a lovely barbera wine, juicy and light) in front of a fire and get quiet. Turn off the phones, the TV and be with one another.

To quote Lao Tzu "Speaking with you for one night is better then reading books for 10 years."
Let's just hang together.  

Let's just hang together.  

Go outside, take a long walk with no destination or purpose in mind does wonders for the soul. Let your body move, let the thoughts come and go. Let Nature fill you up in a way that commercialism cannot. Allow the full moon to light up your dreams and help you find the answers you are seeking. Trust in the process; Nature has been doing it right for many years.


Eat simple foods like soups and stews on the approach to the holidays. The holidays can cause carnage on our bodies with rich food and late nights ( I CAN'T WAIT!!) so ease yourself into it gently. 

Prepare yourself for the carnage by building a strong immune with nourishing foods.

Think simple. Think bowls of goodness.

Enjoy life outside. Nourish your body and soul.

Enjoy life outside. Nourish your body and soul.

Most importantly, be compassionate, kind, patient and loving with yourself.  Use the radiance of the full moon to let your deep dreams come to light. Use this time to wrap up any unresolved issues, to complete what is necessary to move forward into the New Year. With mercury retrograde giving us a few weeks to rest and reflect, we can literally finish unfinished business, wipe the plate clean and move forward with clarity, focus and intention from the heart.

Most importantly, slow down and be kind. It will do wonders for you.