full moon

The Full Moon as Medicine

We don't think of the full moon as medicine; we know it as a time when people generally go batshit crazy. 

The full moon in her glory is to reveal.

Many of us experience the full moon with emotions of anxiety, irritability, and aggravation, to name a few. We don't sleep.  We are quick to react.  We feel something....but not sure what....

Through the moon's bright glow, she has the power to illuminate the dark, through the hidden shadows, through those fucking brick walls we put up around our tender spots.  She finds a way to the places we don't want other's to see, and those places we rarely want to visit ourselves. 

Every. full. moon. is an opportunity.

time to illuminate...

time to illuminate...


We can use the radiance of the moon to slowly, lovingly and with kindness start to tread into the hidden parts of our hearts and actually deal with some of the *shitty shit that lurks there. *none of it is actually shit. It's all just emotional compost making way for our continued growth. 

This is how the full moon helps us if we allow her. She becomes a healing balm with a sliver of her light, enabling us to love all the hidden parts of ourselves. We can begin to heal the trauma of those sometimes cringe-worthy bad decisions and see we are not our mistakes, rather we are like the moon: full, expansive and radiant.   

It's learning to trust Nature. 

During a full moon phase, it's important to self-care. It's important to say no when you need it, take rest when you require it and soften your footsteps for yourself.  

  • Avoid highly stimulating areas, like shopping malls.  
  • Spend quiet time in nature, going for walks, spending time with fur friends. 
  • Get cozy, nestle in, go to bed earlier and just rest. Wrap up and hibernate. 
  • Journal, let it flow baby. 
  • Take a bath, light candles or open your window and have a full moon bath, use Epson salts and grounding oils. 
  • Eat nourishing foods, warm bowls of goodness are great. 
  • Drink water, stay hydrated and decrease fizzy drinks and excess coffee.


Allow whatever arises, to arise...trust in the flow and let the full moon be medicine to the soul.  Remember, it will pass soon. 


The full moon is moving in

You can't sleep. Irritation is with you every step of the day. People are acting like demons with no coffee. Confrontations are on the regular on Facebook. 

What is it & what to do?

The full moon in Cancer is on the approach January 12th. A full moon is to reveal. The bright of the moon is revealing what you need to bring attention + awareness to in your life. With being in Cancer, think of the crab, the crotchety little crab who wears its tough exterior on the outside and is soft and delicious on the inside. The crab brings it's home everywhere and if you happen to cross it, those pinches will show you a thing or two.  The sign cancer draws power from its home. Cancer's are emotional, need the water and want everything to have a good flow. 


Here are my suggestions for maintaining sanity through the next passing phases of the moon. 

Wrap your neck with a scarf. Sounds silly I know, it's offering warmth and protection by keeping your energy and heat within. Think of it as extra insulation for you and your sensitive voice. If your weather conditions are as crap as mine are right now, that scarf is working over-time to keep the nervous system from over loading itself and supporting the body in maintaining strength and calm.   VITAL.

If someone  or thing sets you off on Facebook or any social media platform, pause. Pause again, and again and breathe and pause and then pause some more. Perhaps then respond or not. Wait a few days and see. If you are going unleash the verbal tiger, remember THINK. 

Save yourself the agony  of delete by remembering to pause & think. Typically during a full moon people are acting all sorts of crazy which leads me to;

For the majority of people, not us yogi's who tend to feel into everything and then analyze it to death, they haven't been taught to pause and breathe. They react. So remember their reaction has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with them. No matter how much of an asshole they are being, ignore it. This isn't to say a retaliation isn't warranted, this is to recognize that during a full moon phase people feel everything so much more: the debt, the negative words that they had with their loved one or the altercation with their boss, their kids who are flunking out of math, whatever it is, it is overwhelming. This which makes people feel more unsettled,  less grounded and all around wacky so be compassionate, be understanding and DON'T TAKE IT PERSONALLY!

With this full moon in Cancer, allow yourself to go with the flow. Need a nap, take a nap. Want some cake, eat cake. Need a walk in the woods, go walk. Personally I recommend time on the couch watching a movie like Bridget's Jones Diary.  Whatever it is that you need, don't force your agenda on anyone. They have to figure out what they will need. You are going to pay attention to what is calling you, listen to it and be in the flow. Stay away from crowded places especially if you get irritated easily. Plan your day to keep finding that easy of flow. 

Go swimming, take a bath, hydrate, do something with water. Water is soothing to the soul, allow yourself to float on the ripple of ideas and thoughts without letting anything take hold. An extra suggestion for the bath, lock the door so the kids can't come in, bring in a kit-kat and a glass of wine and for a brief 20mins, float on divinity. 

Get close to water.

Get close to water.


Let yourself write your thoughts out, write and write and write some more. Cry,  laugh, write, scream, write, grunt, well, maybe not soo much of that but let the conscious mind whisper through the unstoppable steam of ideas coming through you. Remember full moons reveal so let it rip, don't hold back. Don't do anything with it other then date it, then park it for a month. Go back and see what needed to be said and read. I bet some magical stuff will be released. 

The key here is to realize that it's okay. We're gonna be okay. We just need to armour up like the crab's shell as the intensity of the full moon reveals her good stuff within us. You want to give yourself time and space to do so because we don't want to be a burden to society, we want to continue being awake leaders that can help others by not adding our own level of shite to the mix. Get what I'm saying?

Alternatively you can say fuck it and drink a shitload of whiskey and we will see you on the side of Saturday. I don't recommend going down that path; nothing good ever came out of the whiskey and full moon get together. 

Have an ease-field full moon and let her ancient wisdom flow through you, as you. Blessed be.

Enjoy the full moon, inspiration to DO MORE AND BE MORE!

I am a Leo. I am a lioness.

I have a pack yet I prowl alone with the whisper of the trees as my accompaniment. 

The full moon guides the courage in my heart and the wisdom of my soul.

I am fierce and demand ferocity back; I give you all and more.

I exhibit my creative power and move fully into every action, every movement, every breath.

I let nothing hold me back.

I represent true raw power, awakened love and the grace of Nature.

I am the Lioness.

Originally posted on Prairie Yogi Magazine. View original post here.