Hang on, let go, throw up and smile.

Life mimics a roller coaster ride,  moments of raw unbelievable excitement dotted with joy,  then moments besieged with strife and trauma, little pockets of uncomfortableness that we love to avoid. 

Life has ups and downs.     Always.

More often than not, we choose to run away from the difficulties, suspending or burying them with addictions, stimulates, pills, drama, excuses, work (whatever your chosen poison is) and before we know it, many years have gone by. We then feel engaged in a life that is contracted, unfulfilling and unsure how to stop or get off the ride. 

A friend sent me a musical score that he had composed. It was haunting and beautiful, full of musical rhythms depicting that exact strife and difficulty.

It spoke to that part of me that loves being alone and fears to be alone.

It spoke to my heart-ache of past painful decisions that ripped apart my gut leaving me feeling ungrounded and a little unworthy of a world that has so much within it.

It also spoke of fresh starts,  of hard work, of grace and grit.  

It shares the journey of moving from the immense hold of the dark to the immense awakening of the light.


That perhaps in some way, we are not defined by the choices we have made or even some of the choices others have made for us. We can still choose another path. Always. 

 It spoke to the worthiness of life in each one of us, where beauty and inspiration are not something we aspire to be, but rather, we already are.  

What comes through this composition is my friend's journey and his road-trip to hell and back; it draws you into the havoc, the secret haunts of beauty that is yet, always all around us. It spoke of the release of the carnage and the turn into achievement. To hear his story through the music is to understand what he endured to be where he is now.

Immense hardship. Immense willingness to do more. Immense drive to keep trying.

To convey feelings like that speaks of genius, heart-ache, love, will, humility and determination that exists within EACH ONE OF US. 

This is the human journey. 

My friend Ben, the composer is featured in the amazing documentary Skid Row Marathon of which I had the great pleasure to attend in London. The tales of hardship and heartache of the people featured will move you to tears and  so will their incredible willingness to keep showing up, to keep giving, to get back up when one falls and to keep offering into the world. Their courage is inspirational. *please watch the trailer.

'A journey from the streets of Downtown Los Angeles, Skid Row to walking hand in hand with the Spirit of the Sunlight. 

How destitute one becomes when one has everything yet, one becomes nothing.

 How empty one is when the miracle of redemption becomes a reality. 

For it is by “self-forgetting that one finds, it is by forgiving that one is forgiven, and it is by dying that one awakens to eternal life.” ' Ben Shirley

This is life.  This is the human journey.

Our trials and tribulations make us into what we are here to create.  It is the real haunts and trying times of life that force one to emerge into the greatest aspect of one's self.  

So hang on tight and yet throw your arms up. One a side note, I hate roller coaster rides and want to vomit immediately before, during and after.  Together, we can keep going and keep smiling through those challenging times that make us better people. 

I can't wait to see what you can do. 




Enjoy the full moon, inspiration to DO MORE AND BE MORE!

I am a Leo. I am a lioness.

I have a pack yet I prowl alone with the whisper of the trees as my accompaniment. 

The full moon guides the courage in my heart and the wisdom of my soul.

I am fierce and demand ferocity back; I give you all and more.

I exhibit my creative power and move fully into every action, every movement, every breath.

I let nothing hold me back.

I represent true raw power, awakened love and the grace of Nature.

I am the Lioness.

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