Enter the Hearth; An Autumn Tune-In for Body + Soul


Enter the Hearth; An Autumn Tune-In for Body + Soul


Winter. Dark nights, cold days.  

In times of old, people used the dark months to draw inside and gather by the fire. With no phones or TV's, they engaged with one another; they shared stories, ate root vegetables and naturally allowed the creative possibilities to take seed and grow. Much like the land they tended they also rested, they changed their pace, they restored their energy systems. 

In today's world, we charge ahead. We have 24hr grocery stories,  our phones are never turned off, our bodies and hearts often feel tapped out and depleted.

The Autumn Tune-In is designed with a combination of Earth Wisdom, Ayurveda and Yoga practices to support your body + soul. 

  • Support your immune system. 
  • learn how to work with your body, not against it
  • Sleep better = feel better
  • Delicious nutritious recipes
  • thrive, not strive
  • A great community that supports you!

Lift off October 15th till November 6th. 

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Change your approach into winter and you will sail those dreaded dark months with ease, energy and a sense of purpose.

After the success of our Spring Clean, it was essential to follow up with the Autumn Tune-In.  This is an opportunity to set yourself up for a healthy winter. A change to up-level your potential with easy to use tools. 

We will explore Ayurveda, the 5000 year old life science to help us get into our bodies. Learn ways to connect with Earth Wisdom, Nature's natural intellgience that will help you to feel connected and grounded. Explore specific yoga sequence + pranayama to build up the immune body to support your vital energy systems. Discover more with contemplations that will help you with your dharma, your purpose in life.

What to expect:

  • Sensible + easy life changing habits that will keep you healthy, sleeping well and happy
  • Learn how to work with Earth Wisdom that will include  Samhain practices
  • Goddess work in the approach to Diwali, specific to the Hindu pantheon of goddesses
  • Yoga tips, pranayama, meditation - how to start and keep it going
  • Contemplative questions, find the WHY, not the what
  • supportive community
  • a detailed email with materials needed once you sign up - short + sweet
  • added to the private Facebook support group
  • Anytime email support

And so so much more.