Summer Divine Yoga Retreat

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your time to shine.jpg

Summer Divine Yoga Retreat


A high summer re-treat is a wonderful time to atttune and attend to one’s soul needs. After the heat of summer, a refreshing urban break is key revitalizing the body, mind and heart. Whether you are feeling the heat, or just can’t get away for a holiday, this retreat offers the perfect opportunity to replenish one’s spirit. 

Attend to you. Attune to the glory vibes. Affirm your highest vision.

High Summer season is the Harvest time to gather together and celebrate abundance and growth.

Enjoy a combination of aligned yoga and deep nourishing restorative poses creating freedom in body, while releasing stress. Relax into soothing and cooling postures that will re-set the body.

Explore an into to meditation and experience a profound sense of bliss. Cool the monkey mind while settling the nerves. 

Take home an essential oil that will ground back into being, uplift the mood and enliven the senses. 

We will complete our day with a contemplation to empower, find clarity in our words and hearts with a writing practice. 

Tea and healthy delicious snacks will be provided.

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We will be using the Practice. You journal by Elena Brower. Please purchase in advance or pre-pay for a copy. This is a beautiful treasure of a book that will accompany any yoga or spiritual journey. 

We will be using this book in an upcoming course this fall.