Flow & Glow Detox

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Flow Glow 2019.jpg

Flow & Glow Detox


Stimulate. Detox. Regulate. Thrive.

This 21 day, 3-week program is designed to stimulate the digestive + elimination processes, detox the extra weight,  regulate healthy habits into daily habits (that work) and thrive into the best you, full of energy, happiness and joy.

What to expect. 

  • Support & Guidance. You ain't doing this alone. Our facebook group is super supportive, inclusive and available.

  • Detailed instructions that aren't weird or off-putting. Everything is accessible and easy to follow.

  • Ayurveda health tips that will change how you feel in the best way possible. Simple. Life changing.

  • Yoga instruction to increase the flex and build the strength.

  • Essentials oils and how they make a natural and very effective difference your health, your home and peace of mind.


Upon signing up, you will receive a details shopping list. Don't worry, we won't blow the bank to turn up your health. This items are necessary for the 3 weeks and are easy to find from a grocery store. Expect to spend 30 in your country of currency for everything...maybe less as you will probably have some in your cupboard.

You will receive an ebook with all the info to keep forever, plus daily emails with the goods to help. These emails will contain information on how to kick-start your mornings, contemplations, nutritional suggestions + recipes to bring into your life as well as extras to make yourself feel good

Spring is the best time to get back on form. We are about the increase and decrease, not elimination or shock tactics. We increase vitality with empowering choices and we decrease toxins by becoming more aware of what we are putting into our mental, physical and spiritual body.

Step into flow, get ready to GLOW!

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Stimulate. Detox. Refresh. Thrive.

Why give yourselve a tune up?

You craft your inner universe – Cate Stillman

After a long winter, we accumulate gunk + stuff inside our bodies from slowing down and being inside. As we transition into Spring, now is the time to clear out the clutter and start moving from strive (to be healthy) to actual thriving in our lives.

This simple 3-week program has been designed to boost your digestion, stimulate the fire in the belly, decrease the use of certain foods that diminish the life force and establish some long term healthy habits that will make a big difference in how you operate in the world.

Better energy = more to give    Self-care = Self-Love                Stop the strive and actually THRIVE