January 28th. 7 days of awesome.

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Re-set. Power up. Recharge the batteries. Feel amazing.

Flow and glow detox is a gentle upgrade as we transition slowly from the winter months. As it’s not quite time for a full cleanse, it is a perfect time to establish structure and routine that will enable you to move forward with your goals and increase vital energy.

Think of it as a gentle recharge.

Join us to uplevel the vitality in a simple and effective way.

January 28th. 7 days.

You don’t need much, other than a willingness to try a few things that will drastically boost your energy.


  • Doterra Lemon and Smart and Sassy essential oil - available £33 for both or start your own Doterra account and receive a free peppermint oil

  • A dry brush

  • Tongue cleaner

  • An oil, such as defractionated coconut oil or sesame oil.

  • Some greens. A journal. An email and or facebook.

  • Cider Vinegar, maple syrup, lemons and cayenne.

There are other optional items as well. All info comes straight to you once you sign up.

I love these programs because I have the best sleeps, feel amazing and get so much done.

Hope to see you x