Tahnee Fournier

Tahnee integrates a modern approach to yoga steeped in philosophy with bio-mechanical alignment. With almost 20 years in the yoga industry, she brings a fresh and welcoming approach to the practice. 

Tahnee  has taught from Canada to the Cayman Islands, in Ireland with now making Cambridge, England home. She brings a wealth of knowledge combining movement, intention, philosophy and humour into each class. 




Lila designs are inspired by nature and things that sparkle. Nature in her element is beautiful, fierce and captivating, our goal for each of our unique designs.

We are deeply inspired by presence and the profound... by moonlight walks under the stars, by the radiance of the earth’s gems, by a sweet smile.

The word Lila comes from Sanskrit meaning ‘creative expression of the Universe’, ‘Divine play' , 'Rare Chance'. Unexpected beauty.

Lila is unexpected beauty.