Pumpkin Spice and all things white....wine that is.

Autumn is a season that for many women meant the art of layering with sweaters, scarves and wool socks as we transition from summer days and into cooler nights. It is almost every girl’s favorite season, largely in part because, with the addition of the layers, we can now stop the mad workouts and starving for all those cute summer clothes and instead we can relax the tummy under our wonderful flannel and cashmere layers and it’s GLORIOUS.

Autumn, however, has changed over time.

It means only one thing.

The return of pumpkin spice.


As someone who doesn’t like pumpkin spice except in a pie, where it belongs, I find this hard to swallow.

I’m also not ready to give up my white wines. I’m happy to leave behind the fruity wines of summer, like Pipoli from Puglia and embrace wines that deliver more texture, depth and long finishes that go on forever….

Autumn is a perfect time if you want to stay with whites, to make best friends with the ever delicious Chenin Blanc.

It is bad-ass yet elegant. It is the black diamond on the rose gold band, slightly unexpectedly and yet completely intoxicating.

Chenin blanc originated in France and can also be called Penau de la Loire. it is grown with abundance in the Loire valley and can be used in sparkling wines known as Cremant de Loire. It is also grown predominately in Swartland, South Africa and can be called Steen.

It carries a burst of acidity often with an explosion of citrus fruits but as it opens, it unravels beautiful flavors of apricot to honey. It is location depended, which means the wines from South Africa will carry more tropical fruit flavors such as nectarine and pineapple while the french versions will have more quince and apple. Sidebar * I prefer French Chenins, although I was once had a cracker of a South African one that was all kinds of delicious.

Chenin Blanc is as the perfect accompaniment to Autumn especially if you aren’t ready to give up your white wines, but not interested in light fruity wines anymore.

Chenin Blanc can be that beautiful cashmere sweater that wraps you up, it hits the palate and can be an explosion of flavors that doesn’t disappoint and the beauty of it, it just keeps going…

So lets save the pumpkin spice for the pie and savour it alongside a glass of chenin. It will not let you down.

*so far I have only found 1 chenin blanc here in Saskatoon which was no great shakes. I’m on the hunt and will let you know when I find one.