Staying grounded through the Full Moon

One aspect of the Wobbleberries that many of us hold in common is nerves; we come with a roller bag full of them. 

We also share the common love of horses and doing great things in the world; it is this love that drives us forward to over-coming our nerves to complete the Wobbleberry challenge for Willberry Wonder Pony.

Nerves happen. They arise from a variety of reasons. The experience of nerves are mostly the same no matter what makes you shake in your boots a little or alot.  

Cold sweat, butterflies in the tummy, negative self-talk & self-doubt which leads to questioning ability, sweaty palms, runs to the toilet, can't eat, can't stop eating etc. 

Nerves can be felt more deeply on the approach to the full moon, which is happening this Sunday.  The full moon can affect our sleep patterns and we can feel ungrounded, unsettled with bouts of anxiety added in. The thought of actually riding, let alone jumping is enough to send a person back to bed. 

I experienced the worst of my nerves recently in a lesson. It didn't help the night before I slept badly (full moon wake up calls at 4:32exactly) had an extra cup of strong coffee which gave me the jitters and a lunch that was light-weight at best. 

The full moon has a gravitational pull on the earth which causes big tides in the ocean. We can feel this gravitational effect on our emotions, thus the feeling of being 'not in body'. Full moons are great for contemplation and for solitude time. It's an opportunity to take a quiet step back to re-visit your intentions and goals. It's normal to feel slightly anti-social through a full moon; you may also feel more tired. What's key is listening to your body, your needs right now and not to take mishaps personally, like forgetting to turn the slow-cooker on in the morning of a big day. It helps to laugh it off and blame it on the moon. 

If you are sensitive to the full moon, here is a list of things to help keep you grounded until she wanes again. 

full moon fever got you mad?

full moon fever got you mad?

1. Turn off your social media 1hr at least before bed. The light of your screen can trigger awake responses in your brain. Turn it off, drink sleepy time tea, find a book and a blanket and let yourself actually settle down for sleep. Don't get wound up in other people's lives, let yourself digest your own day and experience. You will sleep better for it. Re-visit your goals and your intentions, chat with your beloved, do your gratitude list. This will prepare your mind for a good night rest and the next morning.

2. Rub your feet with oil. I use organic sesame oil with quite a few drops of rose aromatherapy oil, but any calming oil will do. Doing this right before bed helps to relax the whole body and also makes for happy feet. Having a bath first is also a lovely idea. I sometimes bring a sneaky wine in. 

3. Breath. When you are driving, riding, walking, sitting, waiting for tea, each and every time you can think of it, take a breath.  Allow it to be steady. Many times we aren't aware of our breathing patterns, start to focus on how you breathe allowing the inhale and exhale to be equal in length and depth. A few minutes of this and you will notice a sense of calm that follows.  I prefer this calm to the shouting at my kids in the morning when we need to GO!

4. Move your body. Go for a hack on your horse,  walk in nature,  go swimming, work in your garden. Movement without exertion. Try to avoid high energy impact places and people right now that will overwhelm the body and mind. The key is to move the body, but not over stimulate the adrenals and nervous system. You do want to release nervous energy by doing something, not jacking up your system into flight mode. Now is not the time to drink whiskey and head to a dance club, think long walks in nature followed by a visit to a quiet pub for conversation and chips.  You will thank yourself the next day, trust me I speak from experience. 

5. Listen to what you need. It may be rest. It may be a run. It may be a dance party in your kitchen. Tune into the deeper messages the full moon offers, it may mean you take a rare afternoon nap, or say no to a girl's night out. Anxiety rears its head leading up to the full moon so I cut back on coffee, increase my water intake,  unwind earlier, allow myself to feel tired, eat good chocolate if necessary( always necessary), write in my daily eventing journal and know that soon the moon will turn again.

The best way to unwind thoughts in the mind...Notebook from Stamford Notebooks. 

The best way to unwind thoughts in the mind...Notebook from Stamford Notebooks. 


Take heed of what is arising for you. Be patient with yourself and others( they may be feeling it too). Nourish yourself with good food and time in nature. Let yourself write it out. Be kind to yourself and don't take on more then you can handle. Most importantly, the moon will wane and we will back to 'normal' again soon! 

Happy Full Moon Fever!