When the impossible becomes the possible.

Have you experienced that feeling someone asks "what did you dream about when you were younger?" and you can't answer them?

I would shuffle my feet, avoiding the question. I would often lie. I couldn't tell the truth. My dream was simply not feasible. It was too unrealistic for words given my situation, a single kid living with her Dad. It wasn't a 'real' thing. It was too far-fetched of an idea.

I kept it hidden away for years.

Even though I was able to full-fill one part of that dream by owning a horse when I hit 40, my closet dream never came close to flourishing. 

The day I became a horse owner!

The day I became a horse owner!


Recently a young girl died. We never met. During her last year she charged fearlessly forward against all the odds. She had a bucket list and determination. 

Read her amazing story here. Bring tissues.

She started a charity for cancer and lived as fully as she could given all the set-backs that she experienced. 

Her charity, Willberry the Wonder Pony involved the story of the  stuffed pony who had his own blog written from his perspective. They went everywhere together,  and he even went around Badminton, one of the greatest 4* events in the world. I was there this past May and was lucky to catch Ben's round as they went by.

While Hannah got sicker and sicker with bone cancer and other complications no one should go through, she also became more brave, courageous and inspirational with her fight to #kickingcancersbutt. She wanted to ensure no other kid experienced the depth of pain she endured. 

This past August at the tender age of 17, she moved on to greener pastures and died from her illness after a 18 month fight.

She left a legacy.  The sad passing of her death inspired many, including some older women to do something MORE.  If this young girl can face the horrors of her immense challenges with such optimism and positivity, then they thought 'so can we'. They got creative and "what would really challenge us and raise some money"??

And the wobbleberry challenge was born.

Because of Hannah Francis I get to full-fill a child-hood dream I never ever thought remotely possible. 

I'm going to event. 

Yes, I'm going after a far flung dream and the best part is raising money so a sick child can full-fill their horsey wish bringing some much deserved light to their life.

square wb and banner.png

What is a wobbleberry you ask?  

Generally someone over the age of  40 who is either unfit and or wimpy( my category). Most of us have done minimal to no jumping, can be a basket of nerves in the saddle and want to do something more.

For you non-horsey peeps, eventing is the ultimate challenge for horse and rider. It involves the precision of dressage, the exhilarating pace of cross country and the action of show-jumping. It is spectacularly awesome.

Hannah Francis was an eventer, who sadly lost her fight with a rare and an aggressive bone cancer.  Cancer affects everyone; no one is immune anymore. My Aunt died of bone and breast cancer. My Grannie had breast cancer and my Mom recently kicked lung cancer to the curb.

There was only one thing to do when I found this challenge, I jumped right in or on. *catch the pun?! And because I believe in it so much, I signed up to be a rep in my region AND launched the Wobbleberry Wellness program on facebook. Here I offer my years of experience in the yoga and wellness industry by giving free strengthening and flexibility exercises, yoga tips, nutritious recipes, and Ayurveda health tips to increase vitality and energy all for the Wobbleberry Challengers.  

Not only am I pushing my own buttons to see what I'm really and truly capable of in the saddle but I'm not only doing it for me. It's for the inspiration of Hannah, its' for other people that will be affected by cancer and it's for a child who has had their dreams dashed by the disease that they can still experience some of their wishes.  

Your contribution counts.

To read more of my story  and to make a donation for my challenge, please visit here.

I can't thank you enough for your consideration.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Remember, dreams can come true. 

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