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Up Level You Spring Cleanse

Stimulate. Detox. Regulate. Thrive.

This 30 day, 4 week program is designed to stimulate the digestive + elimination processes, detox the winter( wine indulgence anyone?) regulate healthy habits and thrive into the best you.

It's time to UP Level the Potential. Spring is here!

Each week an email will  be sent out with the week's plans, including a link to a yoga video so you can start your practice or use  it for guidance.

Each email will contain information on how to kick-start your mornings, nutritional suggestions + recipes to bring into your life as well as extras to make yourself feel good

We will explore questions + contemplations around our goals and values. This process creates Sankalpa, Intention which lights the fire to achieving our goals.  We will discover what it means to be in right relationship with ourselves, our tribe, and the world around us. 

We will hold each other accountable with our facebook private group where support comes at the forefront. 

There will be Instagram challenges that comes with great prizes! 

And special insights from leaders in their field. 

For just a little over $10 a week, you will imprint into your body, better health habits and discover a whole new potential within you. 

Join us now! Lift off April 4th.