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Blooming Spring Clean
to May 5

Blooming Spring Clean

Why would we want to spring clean our bodies? 

After a long winter, we accumulate gunk + stuff inside our bodies from being indoors, from eating heavy foods and moving our bodies less.  As we transition into Spring, now is the time to clear out that clutter and start moving from strive (to be healthy) to actual thriving in our lives.

This simple 3-week program has been designed to reboot your digestion, stimulate the fire in the belly, decrease the use of certain foods that diminish the life force and establish some long-term healthy habits that will make a big difference in how you operate in the world.

Better energy = more to give    Self-care = Self-Love               

  • We will address how we arise and our early morning habits.
  • We will look at sleeping and to do it better, deeper and get that rest we need. 
  • Get clear on goals + values, which leads to making better decisions.
  • Establish a simple yoga practice that will increase strength + flexibility.
  • Increase the flow of prana (known as breath & vital life-force).
  • Develop a meditation practice. Meditation decreases stress and increases happiness.  Who doesn't want to stay sane in a busy world? This is the key.  
  • Learn how essential oils impact our health positively. 
  • Discover healthy recipes that are quick and easy.
  • Support each with our closed facebook group.

At the start of each week, an email will be sent out. Each email will contain information on how to kick-start your mornings, nutritional suggestions + recipes to bring into your life as well as extras to make yourself feel good

Daily inspirations are put up in the facebook group to keep you on point. 

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