Tahnee Fournier,  an inspirational and dynamic Yoga Alliance Educational Yoga Teacher and Yoga Teacher Training holds 20 years of yoga experience. She began her practice in 1999 and her quest for knowledge has taken her all over the world to fulfill her studies in Yoga. Originally certified in Anusara Yoga, Tahnee's Hatha Yoga teaching has evolved into a practice that is steeped in ancient philosophy, structured alignment and flow movement. 

Tahnee,  Mama to 2 fearless girls, an aspiring author, and all around magic maker. Primarily a yoga instructor, Tahnee is also a specialist wine consultant. She is passionate about educating people about wine, as well as connecting people to the stories that wine brings from equally passionate producers.  She has her third level in the Wine And Educational Trust (WSET) as well as her diploma in the Northern Italian Wine Scholar Guild. 


Tahnee is trained as a Priestess of Avalon. A priestess works in the world to bring forth the true power of love. It is a journey of returning to the sovereignty that each women holds. Tahnee has developed The Way of Suhka, finding ease for more joy-filled living which is dedicated to supporting women in discovering their internal strength. Currently Tahnee is developing a program dedicated to young teens that includes yoga, healthy food choices, self-care habits and a place to express themselves freely both in group settings and in a journal. 

Whether it's yoga teacher trainings, yoga classes or retreats, Tahnee delivers from a place of open-heartedness, appreciation, and a willingness to evolve both on and off the mat.

Known for her realistic approach, she is loved for her ability to balance both humour and humility into the practice.


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"Uplifting, Inspiring, Honest, Real, Truth, Intelligent, Caring, Playful, Sassy, Frank, Comforting, Spiritual, Grounding, Fun, Empowering, Skillful, Badass, Goddess, Strong, Educational, Powerful, Juicy, Blissful, Rewarding, Authentic, Freeing, Life Changing, Cheeky, Real, Alive, Opening, Informative, Spunky, Refreshing"